Hi, I'm Isabel, a visual communication designer based in Munich.
I'm a hardworking German and passionate Latina having a very emotional and euphoric character as well as some calm and dreamy moments.
Since I was little I was all about exploring the world and getting lost in it. I loved to challenge my mind and face the impossible in order to live my dreams.
Therefore I'm travelling the world as much as I can since I believe there is nothing more enriching. I fill my leisure time with Taekwon-Do, which I started at the age of six. Today I am 2. Dan and love to practice and share this deep-minded martial art.
I have this “Isi” inside of me. A childish instinct guiding me, telling me what is right and what is wrong, what to do and what not.
Basically I want to see and soak up everything of this entire precious world and finally grow with it and contribute.
Let me show you my world. Follow me, will you?
Isabel Winckler
Munich | Germany

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